Australian Council of Trade Unions
The ACTU is the peak union body representing 38 affiliated unions and the interests of about 1.8 million workers across Australia.

Unions can provide a wealth of expertise, resources, know-how and training to help health and safety reps perform their role. And if there are any problems or issues, workers and their reps should always know the union is there to back them up.



Safe Work Australia
Safe Work Australia is a national policy setting body whose key role is to improve work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements across Australia.

Comcare is the Federal Government agency the works in partnership with employees and employers to reduce the human and financial costs of workplace injuries and disease in the Commonwealth jurisdiction. 



WorkSafe Tasmania
WorkSafe Tasmania is the State Government department responsible for administering a number of pieces of legislation including the Work Health and Safety Act 2012

WorkSafe Tasmania also administers the following legislation

  • Dangerous goods
  • Security-sensitive dangerous substances
  • Workers rehabilitation and compensation
  • Building and plumbing activities
  • Electricity standards and safety
  • Gas safety
  • Long service leave
  • Shop trading hours
  • Statutory holidays (Public holidays in Tasmania)



WorkSafe Tasmania provides information, resources and solutions about asbestos, where it can be found around the home, the workplace, including the health risks and safe removal.


Asbestos Free Tasmania
Asbestos Free Tasmania Foundation - AFTF is a not-for-profit, community based organisation located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, supporting former workers who have developed asbestos related diseases, current workers at risk, and the broader community through education, information, referral and advice.



Coronavirus (Covid-19) Workers' Rights Resource Centre

The ACTU Covid-19 Workers' Rights Resource Centre provides information, tools and resources for managing Covid-19 risks in the workplace, with regular alerts to keep you up-to-date with the changing workplace situation. 


WorkSafe Tasmania provides useful resources from safety regulators and public health advice on Covid-19.



International Labour Organisation (ILO)
The International Labour Organisation is the UN specialised agency, which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognised human and labour rights.  It was founded in 1919 and is the only surviving major creation of the Treaty of Versailles, which brought the League of Nations into being, and it became the first specialised agency of the UN in 1946.

The ILO formulates international labour standards in the form of Conventions and Recommendations setting minimum standards of basic labour rights: freedom of association, the right to organise, collective bargaining, abolition of forced labour, equality of opportunity and treatment, and other standards regulating conditions across the entire spectrum of work related issues.



Hazardous manual tasks


How to manage work health and safety risks


Managing the work environment and facilities


Work Health and safety consultation, cooperation and coordination,-cooperation-and-coordination