The Tasmanian union movement works each day towards building a better society for everyone. We believe that working people and their families are entitled to live in a decent and civil society that values fairness and equality.

Unions Tasmania, working with our member unions, campaigns in workplaces, the community and in the public and political arena for more secure jobs and fair pay rises, for respect and dignity at work and, importantly, for safer workplaces. We aim to make positive change in the workplace and the community that will raise the living standards of all workers and their families.

The rules that once made our workplaces fair are desperately broken. The lie that is trickle-down economics has failed working people who are struggling with low wage growth and job insecurity. Over 700,000 Australians are working a second job, and not by choice. They are doing so because casual, insecure jobs is often all that’s on offer.

At the same time, a third of big businesses continue to pay no tax despite making huge profits and wage theft has become a business model. Things are really out of balance. We need to bring fairness back to our workplaces.

It is Tasmanian trade unionists that are leading the movement for change in our state. We are a mighty collective of 50,000 members across the public and private sector. We’re in workplaces large and small.

Now is the time for all union members to talk to your colleagues, your family and your friends about joining their union and getting involved. Its easy to find the right unions for you in Tasmania, just go to www.unionjoin.org.au

I am incredibly proud of the work Tasmanian union members do every day, in their workplaces and in the broader community. I look forward to changing the rules with all of you over the coming year.


Jessica Munday