We are a people powered movement of 50,000 Tasmanians, working in the public and private sector, across every industry and workplace in Tasmania. We are the only peak body dedicated to fighting for workers and are proud to have done so for over 140 years.

As the peak body for our state’s trade unions, we campaign and organise alongside our 23 affiliate unions in workplaces and the community to make sure workers get a fair go. We publicly argue for policy and laws that support working people and their families.

Unions Tasmania doesn’t just talk about change – we make it happen. We are here to build a more equitable and fair society, where workers get decent reward for their labour.

We take action on the big issues for workers: job insecurity, decent work, fair pay, workplace health and safety, and dignity at work. We also challenge corporate power, rising inequality and defend workers rights when they are attacked by big business or politicians.

It is a privilege to lead the mighty Tasmanian union movement. I am incredibly proud of the work of Tasmanian union members every day.

There is strength in numbers and when workers stand together, they win. If you’re not a member of a union, what are you waiting for? We’d love you to join us: https://join.australianunions.org.au/join-the-movement

Jessica Munday



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