Parliamentary Salaries Inquiry Submission

12 April 2019

Unions Tasmania is the peak body for trade unions in Tasmania. With 26 affiliate unions in Tasmania, we represent approximately 50,000 union members across industry, in both the public and private sector. Unions Tasmania is also the local branch of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).

The Tasmanian trade union movement works everyday towards building a better society for everyone. We do this by ensuring that workers have, at a minimum, fair pay, secure jobs and a safe workplace. We advocate for workers pay rises at bargaining tables in the public and private sector, in industrial tribunals and in the Parliament where legislation directly impacts wage outcomes for workers. It is for these reasons that we make this submission in this Inquiry by the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC).

We are pleased to submit the following points addressing the considerations set out in the Inquiry into Parliamentary Salaries by The Full Bench of the Tasmanian Industrial Commission: Issues Paper (March 2019).



TIC Parliamentary Salaries Unions Tasmania Submission 190412.pdf