Unions Tasmania celebrates May Day in nipaluna/Hobart

By Unions Tasmania

11 May 2024

Hundreds of union and community members will gather today for Unions Tasmania’s annual May Day celebrations in nipaluna/Hobart’s CBD.

May Day grew out of the movement for an eight-hour working day. Australian workers led the way in this historical achievement with stonemasons winning an eight-hour working day in 1856. It inspired workers around the world to campaign for the same.

In Tasmania, unions get together around May Day to celebrate all that we have achieved together for workers.

“On May Day, we pay homage our history as trade unionists in creating a better, fairer world. We celebrate our wins, we remember our losses, and we stand in solidarity as we continue to fight for the change we still need to see in our workplaces,” said Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday.

Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday, said there is much for union members celebrate, citing significant legislative reform won by unions at a federal level in the last two years including multi-employer bargaining, improved rights for union delegates, greater gender equity at work measures, and a new right to disconnect.

But there is still much to do, with Unions Tasmania still firmly focused on winning industrial manslaughter laws in the state as well as closing the mainland wage gap.

“We are incredibly proud of the wins we’ve had over recent years. We know they’re going to make a real difference to improving rights, conditions, and pay for workers. As we face a cost-of-living crisis with Tasmanian workers remaining some of the lowest paid in the country, we are not giving up our fight to close the mainland wage gap and campaign comparable wages as mainland counterparts.”

“We are also committed to seeing industrial manslaughter become law in Tasmania and we welcome the recent commitment of the Tasmanian Labor Party to pursue this legislation in the Parliament. We received strong support from the ALP, Greens, and Independents over the recent election campaign but did not receive the same commitment from the JLN members or the Liberal Government. We call on them to support these laws when they are brought forward,” said Ms Munday.

WHEN: Saturday 11 May
WHERE: Meet behind the CPSU office (rear entrance via Victoria Street) before marching around the CBD.
TIME: Media are invited to obtain comment at 11.30am before the March commences at 12 noon.

For further information contact Jessica Munday on 0417 454 809

View and download pdf copy: Media Release: Unions Tasmania celebrates May Day in nipaluna/Hobart.pdf