Tasmanian workers to benefit from new IR laws

02 December 2022

Unions Tasmania today warmly welcomes the passage of the Albanese Labor Governments Secure Jobs, Better Pay legislation. We congratulate the Prime Minister and the Workplace Relations Minister, Tony Burke, for their commitment to these laws that will see working people have a genuine opportunity to really get their wages moving for the first time in a decade.

It was only a week ago that Unions Tasmania, in conjunction with the Australian Council of Trade Unions, released a report detailing the low wages of Tasmanian workers compared to mainland counterparts and the ways that weak employment laws allow employers to pay workers in Tasmania less than in parent companies interstate.

Tasmanian workers earn on average $200 a week less than mainland workers which equates to around $10,000 a year. On top of that, our inflation rate is the highest in the country now, but our wages are the lowest. Tasmanian workers had a huge stake in seeing these laws become a reality, said Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday.

We also have a significant portion of the Tasmanian workforce working in women dominated and low paid industries like early childhood education and aged care for whom our broken bargaining system has not delivered a wage that values their work.

This is why Unions Tasmania and our members campaigned so hard for these laws we know they will benefit Tasmanian workers.

I would like to particularly thank the Tasmanian Labor Party members and senators, the Greens Senators, and Andrew Wilkie for all voting in favour of these laws, said Ms Munday.

Workers in Tasmania will celebrate the passage of these laws and we look forward to doing more work required in the New Year in areas like increasing job security and ending wage theft.

For further information, please contact Jessica Munday on 0417 454 809

Access PDF copy here: Media Release - Unions Tasmania welcomes new IR laws 021222.pdf