A massive win for workers as industrial manslaughter legislation passes the House of Assembly

19 June 2024

Unions Tasmania has been a champion of industrial manslaughter legislation for Tasmania for many years. As all other jurisdictions across the country moved to legislate over recent years, Tasmanian workers were being left behind by the Liberal Government’s refusal to act on this important safety reform; but the union movement never gave up.


We welcome the Bill that today passed the House of Assembly put forward by Tasmanian Labor and supported by the Greens, David O’Byrne, and Kristy Johnston.


We were disappointed that the Government chose not to vote for the legislation today.


“Industrial manslaughter in Tasmania is long overdue,” said Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday. “Tasmanian workers deserve the same safety protections as workers on the mainland and they are now well on their way to having that.”


In the decade to 2022, Tasmania has seen 85 work related fatalities and around 7,500 workers compensation claims from injured workers each year. When workers die on the job, there is little in practice to deter employers from shirking safety. Industrial manslaughter laws will help change that.


“Industrial manslaughter laws are an important piece of improving workplace safety in Tasmania. We hope they act as a deterrent for employers who put profit before people and don’t invest in workplace health and safety. Now, if the worst happens and a worker loses their life on the job through the negligence or recklessness of the employer, there will be sufficiently serious penalties of imprisonment and fines that may provide some measure of justice for families left behind,” said Ms Munday.


Unions Tasmania will now work with Legislative Council members to ensure the laws become a reality as soon as possible.


For further comment: Jessica Munday 0417 454 809


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