Unions Tasmania is urging the community to boycott Saputo products until the multinational dairy producer stops paying Tasmanians less than it pays workers at its mainland sites.

Workers at Saputo Dairy Australia manufacture popular consumer brands including Cheer, Cracker Barrell, Devondale, Great Ocean Road, King Island Dairy, Liddells, Mersey Valley, Mil Lel, South Cape, Sungold and Tasmanian Heritage across several Australian sites. But Saputo is paying workers at its Burnie site 21% less than it pays people in the same jobs in Victoria.

Unions Tasmania and our affiliate unions are united behind AMWU and CEPU members taking action for pay parity at Saputo. We don't deserve to be paid less just because of where we live.

This is a tough time for Saputo workers, who are now into their first week off the job with no pay. The AMWU and CEPU have set up a hardship fund for Saputo workers to help offer them some support. If you are in a position to make even a small donation it would be appreciated.


Account name: Saputo Maint Hardship

BSB 632001

Acc 100234415






In May, unions from across the state stood with CEPU Tasmania and AMWU - Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union members at Saputo Dairy Burnie, as they took stop-work action (again) for mainland pay parity.

Saputo workers in Burnie produce popular brands like Devondale, King Island Dairy, Mersey Valley, South Cape and Tasmanian Heritage but their employer pays them 21% less than workers in the same job at Saputo's mainland sites.

Tasmanian workers are not worth less just because of where we live.

Let Saputo know if you're cheesed off about this @saputo