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Union members to join global climate strike today

September 20, 2019

Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday, will address striking school students, union and community members at Hobart’s Global Climate Strike today.

Union members are expected to join striking students at all of the Tasmanian climate strikes.

“Unions have a long and proud history of taking direct action for important industrial and social causes. Climate change is a workers issue. It effects every industry and every sector,” said Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday.

“Our economy is transitioning and it’s happening without a plan to support workers. Too often, when industries close or businesses shut their doors, it’s workers left bearing the brunt of that change. It doesn’t have to be like that. There are local and international examples of change being managed so that workers don’t end up on the scrap heap,” said Ms Munday.

“We need to overhaul our entire electricity system so that it’s run in the public interest instead of being driven by for profit imperatives. We need to bring our energy assets and infrastructure back into public hands. We need the Government investing in new industries that provide good, secure, well paying jobs in a renewable energy future. And we’re going to fight for that on behalf of workers,” said Ms Munday.

The Morrison Government has failed to show leadership on climate change and Unions Tasmania congratulates students for showing the leadership that the Government has not.

For further information contact Jessica Munday on 0417 454 809

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