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Tasmanian border closures highlight urgent need for paid leave for all workers

March 19, 2020

Today the Tasmanian Government announced additional restrictions to help flatten the curve of Covid-19 by requiring travellers (with some exceptions) to Tasmania to self-isolate for 14 days upon their arrival in the State.

Unions Tasmania welcomes these strong measures and is urging the Tasmanian and Federal Governments to ensure appropriate support for workers so they can quarantine without financial ruin.

“Prime Minister Morrison has an opportunity when Parliament resumes next week to take steps to ensure all workers have 2 weeks paid special leave so they can safely stay home and know they won’t be financially penalised for doing so,” said Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday.

Unions say this is especially critical for casual workers who have no paid sick leave or other entitlements to rely on.

“With States like Tasmania increasingly implementing stronger public health measures to slow the spread of Covid-19, this leave becomes even more critical. We have written to Premier Gutwein today and asked that he go to the next National Cabinet with Prime Minister Morrison and urge him to act put that leave in place next week.”

“Tasmanian workers are experiencing real hardship already. Casual workers are losing shifts or losing jobs altogether. They are worried about their bills and their future. Workers need stronger action from all levels of Government,” said Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday.

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