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State Budget fails on long term plan for jobs in Tasmania

May 25, 2017

Tasmanian unions are deeply disappointed in the lack of a long-term vision for jobs and infrastructure in Tasmania after the release of today’s State Budget.

While the Hodgman Government were eager to call this a budget that built Tasmania’s future, the reality is that it falls terribly short.

“This is not a budget for building Tasmania’s future. It’s not building Tasmania’s future to undertake necessary maintenance on schools and roads, that’s just keeping the lights on,” said Jessica Munday, Secretary of Unions Tasmania.

“We went into this Budget looking for Premier Hodgman’s long term vision for our State but we got no sense that this Government has a strategy to take us forward in any planned way.”

Of particular concern to Unions Tasmania:

  • There is no modelling to support the Government’s assertion that 7,600 jobs for young Tasmanians will be created. Upon closer reading, the 7,600 figure quoted is not just jobs for young people but jobs overall.
  • Without detail, it isn’t clear exactly where these jobs are going to come from.
  • Over the Forward Estimates, the participation rate remains at 60. This is just too high. The Budget is absent specific measures targeting the participation rate.
  • There are over 35% of Tasmanians in part time work. Many want more hours. The Budget does not contemplate measures to encourage employers to increase full time jobs.
  • Over 20% of the Government’s infrastructure spend over the Forward Estimates (or $335 million) is unallocated. Either the Government are preparing for significant overspends on infrastructure projects or they plan to use these funds as a war chest to fund a State Election campaign.
  • Promised reinvestment in essential public services have not been realised with not one additional child safety officer or paramedic being funded in this Budget.

This Budget can be characterised as much by what is in it as what is missing.

“The Budget fails to address what the future of work looks like in Tasmania. We know the world of work is changing and there is nothing in there to plan for these changes. The Budget also does nothing to address the challenge of precarious and casual work that is preventing Tasmanians from getting ahead,” said Ms Munday.

For further information: Jessica Munday, Secretary, 0417 454 809



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