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$292,618: that’s how much Tasmanian workers would have lost this Easter if penalty rates were cut

April 13, 2017

New modelling from the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has exposed the huge loss in wages working Tasmanians would have suffered had the Turnbull Government’s cuts to penalty rates been in place this Easter long weekend.

In Tasmania, those working in retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacy would have lost a collective $292,618.83 in wages over Easter.

“We have been saying this is a pay cut that workers can’t afford and don’t deserve and these figures back that up,” said Unions Tasmania Secretary, Jessica Munday.

“How devastating would it be to Tasmania’s local economy if over $292,000 was ripped from the pay packets of some of our lowest paid workers? That is money not being spent in our small businesses and not being taxed.”

The modelling also reveals:

  • A collective wage loss of over $30 million nationally for the Easter long weekend

  • A whopping $10,151,444 national loss for every public holiday

  • For every Tasmanian public holiday, a loss of $223,901

“The Turnbull Government cannot continue to sit idly by while millions of dollars are cut from the wages of working people,” said Ms Munday.

“Wage growth is stagnant. Inequality is on the rise as CEO salaries grow and tax cuts are offered to the wealthy. Unions will continue to stand up for penalty rates because Tasmanian’s cannot afford a devastating wage cut of over $230K every public holiday from July until eternity”.

For further information: Jessica Munday, Secretary, 0417 454 809 



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