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Tasmania Budget 2021-22

March 16, 2021

Excerpt from Unions Tasmania's Pre-budget submission 2021-22 to the Tasmanian Government:

Two days out from the close of this budget consultation process, the Premier used his State of the State address to make substantial spending commitments and sweeping structural changes. That timeframe does not allow for detailed consideration of all the announced measures. We do nevertheless submit that some of these measures are conspicuously problematic for workers and we believe for the wider community, such as the attack on Tasmania’s public TAFE, and the absence of a detailed jobs plan.

Tasmanians have experienced deep economic and social hardships because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic continues to have uneven impacts on Tasmanian workers, depending not only on their industry sector, but also on their age, gender, location, and their pre-existing job and income security. While we have no COVID cases in our community at the time of writing, we are mindful that this can change rapidly and that travel, border and movement restrictions continue to impact our working lives. As a result, many Tasmanian workers still acutely feel the effects and stress of the pandemic.

Coming into the COVID-19 pandemic, Tasmanian workers and their families were already hurting from continued low wage growth, ongoing attacks on job security from casualisation, outsourcing, cuts to essential public services, and wage and superannuation theft. These issues continue to require attention at both State and Federal levels of government. Whilst the Federal Government has focussed its efforts on making new laws to cut workers’ pay and conditions, further entrenching inequality in our country, the Tasmanian Government could be taking much stronger actions in these areas to protect and advance the interests of Tasmanians.

Tasmanian workers need a bold plan for equitable economic growth, with good, well-paid, secure jobs at its centre. Our submission outlines the key concerns of union members in important areas such as just transition, job security, support for workers, training and workplace safety. We put forward recommendations that we believe will contribute to a stronger, fairer economy for all Tasmanians. We remain willing and available to work with the Gutwein Government on implementation of our recommendations.

Download a copy of our submission here: Unions Tasmania Pre-budget submission 2021-22.pdf



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