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Jobs You Can Count On

November 14, 2017

Tasmanian Unions to launch campaign blitz for Jobs You Can Count On

On Monday, Tasmanian unions are commencing a week long blitz as they launch their Jobs You Can Count On campaign.

Dozens of union members and leaders will be out in workplaces and the community, on the doors and in the streets, talking about the need for Jobs You Can Count On.

“Tasmanian unions have been talking to members, workers and the broader community in recent months about their jobs and what they need from their jobs to support themselves and

their families; to live a good life in Tasmania,” said Jessica Munday, Unions Tasmania Secretary.

“It is clear that Tasmanian working people want to see action on key issues like low wage growth, penalty rates, public services and job security,” said Ms Munday.

“Tasmanians need jobs they can count on. If someone cannot make ends meet, if they are in insecure employment, on a low wage that has barely risen in years or not being paid penalty

rates, then their job is not delivering for them. We intend to put these issues front and centre with the community and our political leaders.”

The launch will be attended by workers from the public and private sector who will speak about issues like job security and low wages. They will be available for public comment.

For further information: Jessica Munday, Secretary, 0417 454 809

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