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Budget submission 2019-20

December 14, 2018

Unions Tasmania is the peak body for trade unions in Tasmania. It is also the local branch of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). With 26 affiliate unions in Tasmania, we represent approximately 50,000 union members across industry, in both the public and private sector. 

The Tasmanian trade union movement works everyday towards building a better society for everyone. We believe that workers and their families are entitled to live in a decent and civil society that values fairness and equality – where everyone is afforded the opportunity to succeed.

Tasmanian workers need jobs they can count on. Wage growth lagging behind the rising cost of living, penalty rate cuts, cuts to our essential public services and growing numbers of people in insecure work or experiencing underemployment, all hurt working families and, ultimately, the Tasmanian economy.

The Budget represents an opportunity for Government to address some of these critical issues and to make progress where none is being made. Our submission reiterates key concerns of union members that were raised in our 2018/19 Budget Submission as well as addressing contemporary, emerging issues such as wage theft and better supporting young and migrant workers. We hope to see a bold vision for well paid, secure jobs included in this Budget.

Unions Tasmania welcomes the opportunity to make a submission in advance of the Budget.  We put forward 29 recommendations that we believe will contribute to a stronger, fairer economy and improving social cohesion in our State. We remain open and willing to work with Government on implementation.


Budget Submission 2019-20.pdf


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