We are the peak body for unions here in Tasmania as well as the local branch of the ACTU. We represent around fifty thousand union members, across the private and public sectors. No matter your occupation or profession, there is a union for you in Tasmania. 

The Tasmanian union movement works every day towards building a better society for everyone. We believe that workers and their families are entitled to live in a decent and civil society that values fairness and equality – where everyone is afforded the opportunity to succeed.

We campaign in workplaces, in the community and in the political and political arena to affect change that raises the living standards of workers and their families. We campaign for rights at work, for decent pay, for positive social change and for workplace health and safety.

My vision for the union movement is that we are united and growing so that workers have the collective power to win on the issues that matter to them. We aim to lift the profile of unions in Tasmania so that we are a movement our members are proud of and a movement that potential members want to join.

Jessica Munday

As of 1 January 2013 Tasmania adopted the Work Health and Safety 2012.

The new Act brought some significant improvements for workers’ health and safety and in particular ensures that workers are consulted on all health and safety matters.

Accompanying the Act are the Regulations and Codes of Practice (COPs) plus a range of information guides. Below are some down loads and helpful links to the new legislation:

Work Health and Safety Act 2012

Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012

Codes of Practice

Worker Representation and Participation Guide

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