We are the peak body for unions here in Tasmania as well as the local branch of the ACTU. We represent around fifty thousand union members, across the private and public sectors. No matter your occupation or profession, there is a union for you in Tasmania. 

The Tasmanian union movement works every day towards building a better society for everyone. We believe that workers and their families are entitled to live in a decent and civil society that values fairness and equality – where everyone is afforded the opportunity to succeed.

We campaign in workplaces, in the community and in the political and political arena to affect change that raises the living standards of workers and their families. We campaign for rights at work, for decent pay, for positive social change and for workplace health and safety.

My vision for the union movement is that we are united and growing so that workers have the collective power to win on the issues that matter to them. We aim to lift the profile of unions in Tasmania so that we are a movement our members are proud of and a movement that potential members want to join.

Jessica Munday

The Tasmanian Grassroots Union Choir

The Tasmanian Grassroots Union Choir is a non audition group of music lovers dedicated to ensuring that workers songs, old and new, are being sung and heard in Tasmania.  The group meets every Monday at 5.15 at Unions Tasmania 379 Elizabeth Street North Hobart to learn songs under the expert guidance of Annie Parsell.

The group also boast the support, guidance and musical talents of Peter Hicks.

Choir Manager is "agent to the stars" Giulia Corradetti and if you would like to book the choir or know more about it please email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Historial Theme for Grassroots Choir

The Tasmanian Grassroots Union Choir is currently in rehearsal of an exciting new work based on a Tasmanian connection to the famous Tolpuddle Martyrs story.

In 1834 in south-west England, six agricultural labourers were arrested on their way to work for congregating together to discuss a series of crippling wage cuts imposed by their employers. Fearful of a peasant uprising akin to the Revolution in France, local officials colluded with the landowners and the men were charged with an ancient offence of ‘uttering illegal oaths' and sentenced to seven years transportation to Botany Bay. By chance their spokesman George Loveless, a lay Methodist preacher, is separated from his colleagues and sent to Van Diemen's Land instead. Back in London, the public outcry is unrelenting and the men eventually receive pardons, having endured several years' banishment for holding a meeting. The Tasmanian Grassroots Union Choir has taken the story of George Loveless' life in Van Diemen's Land and transformed it into a performance piece featuring eight original songs penned by Peter Hicks, Geoff Francis, Simon Cocker, Maureen Lum and Matt Woolley; with musical direction by Annie Parsell and script by Simon Cocker.

Set in the roiling colonial outpost that was known as Hobarton or Hobart Town in 1834, ‘Loveless in Hobart Town' features the little-known story of George Loveless' exile in Van Diemen's Land including numerous clashes with Governor Arthur and his administration over his innocence. Loveless worked at the Government Farm at New Town as a convict, and at Grass Tree Hill near Richmond after his ticket-of-leave was granted. A stone cottage occupied by Loveless is still in use as offices by the Tolpuddle Vineyard (Glen Ayr).

The choir has been invited to perform ‘Loveless in Hobart Town' at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset, England in July 2011. The Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival is an annual event which celebrates trade unionism and labour politics. As well as a Radical History School and a street parade of Trade Union Banners from all over the UK, the Festival features regular appearances by musicians with a social justice perspective such as Billy Bragg, Dick Gaughan, David Rovics and Graham Moore. The Tasmanian Grassroots Union Choir will also be performing with Billy Bragg on the final day of the Festival.

The Choir will give the premiere performance of 'Loveless in Hobart Town' at the 2011 Cygnet Folk Festival in January. Check your Cygnet program for your chance to see this exciting production prior to its international tour.

For more information about the Tolpuddle Festival see http://www.tolpuddlemartyrs.org.uk/index.php?page=2010-festival

For information about the Cygnet Festival please see http://www.cygnetfolkfestival.org

Earlybird tickets are on sale now.

The Tasmanian Grassroots Union choir is a community choir dedicated to ensuring that social justice songs, old and new, are being sung and heard in Tasmania.  The group meets every Monday at 5.15 at Unions Tasmania 379 Elizabeth Street North Hobart. New members warmly welcomed. For more information contact Choir Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Oh No John

"John who" is the cry as the 11 wasted years of government  become just memories.  This song penned by Peter Hicks and Geoff Francis asks the questions of those on the receiving end of Howard policies who will remember him.  Originally recorded by the in Graasroots in 2003 and included on the CD No Blood for Oil – Australian Voices for Peace.

If it weren't for the Union

Another Peter Hicks and Geoff Francis calling on all workers to support their union as the defender of all rights but only as strong as the will to fight.  Recorded in 2006 and released on the CD 888 Australian Union Choirs.

Call Centre Blues

Penned by choir member Maureen Lum and inspired by the series of employer outrages perpetrated on call centre workers including banning of pictures of family on desk tops and the sacking of Sally who went to the toilet once too often in late pregnancy.  Recorded in 2006 and released on the CD 888 Australian Union Choirs.


Song Sheets

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