Unions Tasmania Environment and Work Committee


The role of the Environment and Work Committee is to advise Unions Tasmania Council on the effect of environmental issues on the current, and future, Tasmanian workforce. Unions Tasmania council will consider policy recommendations from the committee for endorsement and action.

Membership of the committee is open to representatives of all unions affiliated with Unions Tasmania.

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This committee is currently focussing on:

  • How unions, as employers, can improve their carbon footprint/ lower their greenhouse gas emissions,
  • How unions can work with members, workers and employers in improving the environmental impact of their workplaces,
  • What skill requirements are needed in the workforce for the developing “green jobs” (eg solar and insulation installation),
  • The impact of a carbon trading on industry, the Tasmanian workforce and changes in the demand for products or services
  • What policy(s) should Unions Tas seek to prosecute, whether it be politically, industrially or in communities?



If you have any ideas, questions or any other feedback for this committee please contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Useful Websites:

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